Museum of Ice Cream Miami

As a Christmas gift for my boyfriend I decided to get us tickets to the museum of ice cream. Obviously, this was more of a gift for myself than for him and just a ploy to get him to go with me. Although I know he enjoyed it, it didn’t come close to my excitement, he kept saying “there’s just SO much pink.” Little does he know, that was one of my favorite advertisers about the museum. Overall, I had a ball it was like a kid in a candy store or better yet, an ice cream store. Instead of subjecting you to an explanation of my all favorite parts, the photos will give a much better overview!


You had me at pink palm tress…


Dream Up!



#OOTD tried to pick a neutral look so that I wouldn’t clash with all the pink.


Cherry with a Lomich on top!


Soul Sister selfie.


Give me all of the ice cream…


He loved it, duh!


Popsicle Party!


I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts…


And finally…T H E S P R I N K L E P O O L !


Which was of course, my all time favorite part!

As the largest installation of the Museum of Ice Cream ever, I highly recommend taking advantage of it while its in Miami, its perfect for a fun day off with friends and ice cream enthusiasts.


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